Who we are

Aira was formed in early 2015 but has roots
that date back to 2008.

Aira was formed in 2008 and, originally, developed games for Facebook. Our games
took off and in no time at all we had over 200,000 people playing each day. The
natural evolution was for us to start sharing our expertise so we started working on
social campaigns for clients in 2009. Since then we have grown into a full service
digital marketing agency, providing SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing services
to companies all over the world.

During that time Paddy Moogan was also making waves in the SEO industry. Starting out as a consultant he went on to become one of the world’s best known SEOs, and spent 2014 as the VP of London for Distilled. He also, quite literally, wrote the book on link building, and is a Global Moz Associate.
Supported by a passionate team of marketers, Aira brings together their experience and expertise in digital marketing. We’re also Google Certified Partners. Combine all of that together and you know you’re in good hands!

Meet the team

Paddy Moogan
Matt Beswick
Laura Brothers
Content Strategist
Matthew Kay
Head of Operations
Shannon McGuirk
Head of PR
Alexandra Koujan
Senior Account Manager
Livi Wilkes
Digital PR Account Manager
Kayleigh Thomas
SEO Consultant
Harry Evans
Account Manager
Maret Reutelingsperger
Account Manager
Byron Marr
Paid Media Consultant
Sam Miller
Creative Content Consultant
Ajay Sandhu
Digital Marketing Executive
Daniel Brooks
SEO Executive
Aliyah Loughlan
Digital PR Executive
Jordan Ayres
Digital Marketing Executive
Lucy Stevens
Content Strategist
Abi Bennetts
Digital PR Executive
Aoife O'Connor
Digital PR Consultant
Jasmine Granton
Digital PR Executive
Brendan Gilbert
Account Manager
Charlotte Hawkes
Account Executive
Davey Rees
Graphic Designer
Katona Noemi
Office Manager
Balazs Tunde
Team Manager
Simon Orsolya
Senior Project Manager
Schmidt Timi
Project Manager
Struguras Gergo
Project Manager
Szasz Gyopar
Project Manager
Timea Kacso
Project Manager
Galfi Marton
Web Developer
Mihaly Szilard
Web Developer
Head of Barketing

Our values

Matt and Paddy believe in building a great place to work, not only because they want to come to work somewhere fun every day, but because it’s the best thing for our clients too. If we can build a happy team who have the opportunity to do their best work, we know that they will do great work. It’s easier said than done but we think we’re building something great in Milton Keynes. Working hard is important, but so is a personal life. We don’t believe in working 24/7 and we don’t expect that from our team either. In fact, quite the opposite and we’ve been known to tell people to stop working outside of normal hours.
So what do we actually do to try and build a great place to work?
We work flexible office hours – everyone has the flexibility to start work between 8am and 10am, then finish between 4pm and 6pm. Whether that allows someone to miss the rush hour traffic, leave in time to pick the kids up from school or just have an extra hour in bed, we don’t mind as long as work is done and clients are happy.
We don’t overwhelm our team – we believe that our team work best when they have the time and headspace to focus on delivering value for clients. This means not giving them 20,30 or 40 clients to work on at any one time – we know agencies that do! Instead, we try to keep each member of the team working on 6-10 clients at any one time so that each one can get the time and attention they need.
We factor in time for learning – we don’t expect the team to work every hour of their week on client work. We allow for time to experiment, learn, do self-directed training as well as bringing in expert external speakers from time to time.

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